Ten Tanning Tourists Sitting in the Sun. Nine Went in the Water Then There Was One

cangas, towels, sunglasses, oculos de sol, bolsinhas, purses

Here are two of my friends and me on Copacabana beach near post 5 with our cangas, sunglasses, and bolsinhas (small handbags). These are some items one must carry to the beach. To find out more, read on!

Taking advantage of the beaches in Rio is what every tourist dreams of… Watching the waves come in and then recede int0 the frigid waters kissing Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, or Sao Conrado. The beautiful people walking up and down the beach, playing footvolley or tanning on their colorful *cangas. These are the things dreams are made of. But what should a person wear to the beach? What should they bring? What should they do? In this series we will talk about beach etiquette. Yes, there are rules…. but once you know and understand them, the beach is full of endless possibilities….

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*Cangas are what Brazilians use on the beach instead of towels. They are thinner and wider and resemble large scarves and are often used as dresseshandbags and shawls. Cangas are great for men and women on the beach because the don’t collect sand in the fibers.


About Criocana

Oi os leitores! My name is Diana, and I am not from Rio. Lucky for you, I am an American who got an itch to move to Rio for six months without ever having been, previously. So on June 23, 2011, I boarded a flight with my big, bright pink bags and took off to paradise. The reason for my blog? Let`s just say there are a few things I wish I had known before I got there that I think you may find useful on your first visit. Don´t worry--the majority of this will still apply to you even if your visit is much shorter than mine. Comments are encouraged, even if you think I´m wrong about something. This is a play-by-play of my experience and advice to potential tourist to go with it. I, too, still have a lot to learn! Six months, you'll learn, is not very much time.
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