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Rock the Streetcar (Bonde)

There’s a saying in Rio that some people use when they’ve eaten far too much. “Cheio como um bonde.” It means, “Full as a streetcar.” This particular saying has some merit. The Bondes are almost always packed. They are streetcars … Continue reading

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Not Your Momma’s Mini Van

What does riding a Van entail in Rio de Janeiro? The choice way of the locals to get around from beach to beach in the Zona Sul area (Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon), Sao Conrado beach, Gavea, Vidigal and Rocinha, and from … Continue reading

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Wheelies on the Bus –brace yourself

My first experience on the ônibus was a petrifying one. I entered the bus, which immediately lunged forward and hit full-speed ahead while I was still standing on the stairs with an open door directly behind me. I gathered myself and climbed … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles –Types of Transportation in Rio

 When planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro, we must consider expenditures, right? We budget. We save. We check prices of the must-see tourist attractions, accommodations, and restaurants. In fact, we think primarily monetarily while trip-planning, because dollars make sense…and cents, or in this … Continue reading

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